Our online coaching sessions are customised to support you to build capabilities to cope with our unprecedented challenges we are currently facing.

Our coaching sessions aim to help you with all your personal or business challenges & concerns and to assist you to build recovery strategies and execute implementation plans to achieve results.

Coaching Clinics are run either one on one or in small group of 2-3 in one hour online sessions conducted over a period of time, to support professionals to build competency capabilities and discuss key business trends & issues and support individuals to build and execute implementation plans to achieve results.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Human Capital Management
  • Human Capital Strategies
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Business Acumen & Consultation
  • Team Leadership & Management

Coaching Clinics

Coaching aimed at professionals to enhance their ability via focused coaching and development sessions. Building on proven coaching techniques, expanding their set of practices and skills to develop capabilities that will contribute to individual and organizational success.

Learning Content

Coaching Clinics address the following key content areas:

  • Being a Strategic Thinker: Strategies that enable professionals to build their problem-solving skills, and guidelines to help develop self-reliance and increase capability.
  • Build Capability: Delivering effective skill building knowledge that is designed to improve performance. Specific techniques focusing on the ability to reinforce management as a way to improve employee engagement, performance productivity and effectiveness to change behaviour. The core competency developmental model provides customized learning elements that they can use to customize their approach, based on the their individual situations.
  • Coaching Sessions: Support focused skill-building best practices to enable professionals to build their skills and effectiveness.

‘Our new online “How to Guides” have being customised as personalized coaching sessions.
Designed to inspire you to become motivated, committed, innovative and engaged for our future positive recovery strategies’

Book your customised online coaching session today and let us help you to start planning your future focused recovery strategies