Sales & Service Development

Sales Competency Development

In today’s competitive global economy improving business results is critical to success. The key to this is our people; research indicates that there is a shortage of talent in the area of sales effectiveness within the Asian market place.
Addressing today’s changing and challenging sales environment people need to develop new capabilities to deliver the business results. This requires a new understanding of client’s market strategy and business and cultural issues.

Strategic Client Preparation – Program Core Details:

Clients today have a world of options literally at the press of a button, selling products or services require a new approach
to skill development that works.
Client Service development supports skills and practices that allow service teams to intentionally and consistently provide effective service to internal and external clients.
Program Core Details: for organizations focused on creating client loyalty by defining, managing and enhancing the client experience.
No matter what your objectives are be it growing profits or developing strategic accounts our innovative customized approach examines your client’s sales strategy, climate, culture, skills and processes to recommend a customized solution to build your sales force competitiveness.


Excel Global features a series of workshop modules that directly addresses both tactical & strategic selling skills needed at every level of your organisation to ensure business results.