Job Competency & Skills Training Needs Alphabetical List

At Excel Global we focus on one thing: YOUR NEEDS FOR YOUR PEOPLE. Whether your issues are attainment, retention, engagement, maximising potential or aligning goals, partnering with Excel Global will ensure you identify, implement and improve your talent management strategy to maximize the valuable contribution your people make to your bottom line.

The our job competency & skills dictionary is an essential tool to support you to choose the right development for you and your people. It guides you to the programs that will deliver the best results based on the training needs. You don’t have to search through all the programs on offer to find the best one. It’s quick, easy and most importantly self -explanatory helping you make the right decisions faster.

Job competencies and skills training needs questions to ask yourself and your team.

  • What skills, knowledge, and competency behaviour do I need to possess to successfully perform my current or future job, achieve my objectives and or fulfil my key responsibilities?
  • What am I currently doing well? What do I need to develop further to do a better job or increase my performance excellence?
  • What development should I focus on as a priority? What will have the greatest impact on performance, job, and the business?


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